Accident Investigation / Job Safety Analysis


Supervisor’s Guide to Accident Investigations $17.99/view
  Supervisor's Guide To Accident Investigation - Accident investigation is an important part of a supervisor's responsibility and accident prevention. An investigation answers the questions of who, what, when, where, how, and why. This program will concentrate on the importance of conducting a thorough investigation and why the information is necessary.
Job Safety Analysis “Find It Before It Finds You” $17.99/view
  Job Safety Analysis "Find It Before It Finds You" - There are many tools which organizations use to help reduce and eliminate accidents and injuries. One of the more important tools is what we call the job safety analysis. It's been around for a long, long time. JSA or Job Safety Analysis are just fancy words for finding out potential job hazards and unsafe procedures so we can reduce accidents. In recent years, job hazard analysis has crept into the safety vocabulary as OSHA requires hazard assessments in many of their standards.
Accident Investigation $17.99/view
  Accident Investigation - An effective safety program is developed from a wide range of integrated systems such as safety rules, training, hazard control, safety enforcement, inspections, supervisor leadership, and many others. Accident investigation is a fundamental and integral part of every good safety program. The major problem in accident investigation is the care and effort that must devoted by supervisors in conducting investigations and completing required information on the reports. This program is designed to help you understand more about accident investigation so you'll be able to conduct meaningful and important investigations.
How To Investigate an Accident $17.99/view
  How to Investigate an Accident program explains workplace accidents may lead to property damage or work injuries. There are non-injury accidents and injury accidents. Most companies provide a safe and healthy work environment. Companies and supervisors must take an active role in accident prevention and accident investigation as an integral part of their safety program. Accident investigation is an important part of accident prevention. This program addresses the basics of accident investigation and accident prevention with emphasis on safety procedures.

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