General Industry Topics $17.99/view
  Our most popular general industry courses, put together as one package!
Agriculture Series - Employee Safety Orientation $17.99/view
  Employee Safety Orientation - Today's short program is an overview of your safety responsibilities to help you perform your job safely. Safety is a responsibility that’s important to you, the company, and your fellow employees. Accident and injury statistics compiled over the last 50 years reveal that the majority of all accidents are caused by the unsafe acts of employees such as taking short cuts, violating safety rules or job procedures.
Agriculture Series - Forklift Safety $17.99/view
  Forklift Safety - As you can see, forklifts are not toys. When used safely, they save you time and make your job much easier. This program is simply a review of safe operating rules.
Agriculture Series - Hand and Power Tool Safety $17.99/view
  Hand And Power Tool Safety - This program can't possibly cover all hand and power tools and all the safety rules associated with using these items, but the point we want to stress right up front, is safety must be exercised every time anyone uses hand and power tools. Safety awareness is of vital importance, so let's begin the program with some basics.
Fit Testing Respirators (Agriculture) $17.99/view
  Fit Testing Respirators - There are a variety of gases, fumes, vapors, dusts, mists, and other potentially hazardous materials in many industries. Protection from health hazards is a goal of all employers and employees. Today, we're going to take a look at respiratory protection and what you can do to protect your health. Always follow the procedures established for your company and when respiratory protection is issued to you, it is your responsibility to keep it clean, in good condition and of course, to wear it. If your equipment is damaged or leaking, report it to your supervisor immediately. Small cracks in the equipment can be the difference between protection or no protection.
Pesticide Training For Agricultural Employees (Agriculture) $17.99/view
  Pesticide Training For Agricultural Employees - This video will show general pesticide safety practices and give information to help you feel more confident around pesticides. The last portion of this video pertains to pesticide handlers, so if you are not a handler you may end the video at that point.
Respirators - How To Use Them $17.99/view
  Respirators - How To Use Them - Respiratory protection and self-contained breathing apparatus are used to protect us from harmful gases, fumes, vapors and chemicals, as well as where the air doesn't contain enough oxygen to support life. You need information and training on this type of equipment and the hazards involved before you attempt to use respiratory protection. Your organization will provide specific training, but this program is designed to give you some information about personal protection under adverse or hazardous conditions.

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