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Fatigue Management $17.99/view
  Shift Work Fatigue Surveys program focuses on understanding fatigue from shift work and procedures to cope with change. Surveys show that shift workers are chronically deprived of sleep and this group has approximately twice as many automobile accidents as regular 9 to 5 day workers. Inattentiveness and loss of alertness are among the most important contributors to human error. Experience and statistics have shown that human error is the primary cause of 85% to 98% of accidents and injuries. People who work rotating shifts suffer a higher rate of illness and death than day shift workers.
Rest Stop Routines $17.99/view
  Rest Stop Routines - Working in the trucking industry increases a person’s risk for developing musculoskeletal problems and other health problems due to the long hours in the same sedentary position. Many muscular problems occur from the position a person assumes, the long hours in this position, and the vibrations from the truck. Because of this prolonged posture, muscles adapt to the position that they are in the most. The work posture required in this industry is forward head and hunched shoulders.
Consequences of Driving a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence $17.99/view
  Consequences of Driving a Motor Vehicle under the Influence program talks about the hazard of drinking and driving. Manslaughter charges, murder charges, felony convictions, deaths, injuries, court costs, license revoked or suspended, attorney fees, public service, rehabilitation and of course, the police record that goes with the arrest and conviction. This video is not designed to tell you not to drink and drive, you already know that!
Eating For Energy $17.99/view
  Eating For Energy - A lot of what we eat at truck stop plazas and restaurants taste good, but aren't good for us. Eating right can often be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be difficult. We need to know what foods are good for us and what amounts of them we should consume. The American Heart Association recommends the amount of daily calories required by gender, age, and activity level. Your doctor can help determine your ideal weight and whether you should reduce, increase, or maintain your daily calorie intake.

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