General Safety And Communications

Employee Safety Orientation For Automotive Personnel $17.99/view
  Employee Safety Orientation for Automotive Personnel program is an overview of your safety responsibilities to help you perform your job safely. Safety is a responsibility that's important to you, the company, and to your fellow employees. Our basic safety policy is simply this: "We don't have any job that can't be performed safely." Don't take short cuts or risks. There's only one-way to perform your job. If it can't be done safely, we don't want you to do it. That's our policy and your obligation.
Heavy Truck Braking System and Braking Techniques $17.99/view
  Heavy Truck Braking System and Braking Techniques program talks about the different types of braking systems and operation. Without a doubt, the single most important component in any vehicle is the braking system. This is especially true on heavy trucks which can weigh 20-30 times the weight of the average passenger vehicles. Some truck drivers do not understand how to operate heavy truck brakes. The tractor portion of a tractor-semi trailer rig may have ten or more valves controlling the air flow to the brakes.
Intersections - Expect The Unexpected $17.99/view
  Intersections - Expect the Unexpected program reviews examples of three accidents involving intersections. Intersections are dangerous places. As a driver, you pass through so many intersections each day; you may not be as alert as you should be. As professionals, you are responsible for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be sure each intersection is negotiated safely.
Parking Lot Safety $17.99/view
  Parking Lot Safety program provides tips on your personal safety when driving in a parking lot. Did you know that one of the likeliest places to be involved in a fender bender is in a parking lot? People seem to suspend their good judgment when looking for a parking space. Some people consider the traffic signs such as Stop and Yield as optional in parking lots because they are on private property and not subject to a ticket, while others ignore the traffic lanes to cut diagonally across the lot. In a parking lot, people have their minds on everything, but driving. For instance, a driver spots someone with keys in hand approaching her car and their first reaction is to dart forward to be the first to claim the spot, oblivious to the car trying to back out of a space between two other vehicles. In crowded parking lots, you'll see many obvious safety violations.
Radio Communications $17.99/view
  Radio Communications program explains the role of the radio in our daily operation, examine different types of radios, discuss the importance of professional radio procedures, and explore some of the common causes of poor communication.
Reducing Unsafe Acts & Human Behaviror - Automotive Industry $17.99/view
  Human Behavior/Reducing Unsafe Acts program will focus on the types of unsafe acts by employees and corrective methods. Unsafe acts mean taking a shortcut in a work procedure, not following company safety rules and negligence. The Insurance Industry, Governmental agencies, and the National Safety Council have analyzed employee accident investigations over the years and have determined that the overwhelming cause of most industrial accidents and injuries can be attributed to the unsafe acts of employees.
Slips Trips And Falls $17.99/view
  Slips, Trips, and Falls program covers the proper maintenance of walking surfaces and the various conditions that can cause a slip or fall. Slips and falls can happen anywhere. The causes of slips and falls can be from not paying attention, a slippery floor or tripping over an object. Ninety percent of slips and falls can be prevented by just paying attention and aware of the walking surfaces.
Eye Protection - A New Approach $17.99/view
  Eye Protection - A New Approach (Non-Humorous) is about protecting the eyes from injury by providing a number of built-in devices. The eyelashes catch dust and light particles before they can blow into the eye. Eyebrows cushion light blows and catch falling particles before they reach the eye.
Hearing Conservation For The Automotive Industry $17.99/view
  Hearing Conservation is protection from noise that can damage your hearing permanently. That's why it's important to protect your hearing at work, home, and everywhere else. Awareness of the hazard is the first step toward preventing an injury and an injury to your hearing is serious business. This program will focus on protecting your hearing in the workplace and outside the workplace.
Bobtailing and Jackknifing $17.99/view
  Bobtailing and Jackknifing program explains what "Bobtailing" a tractor is and why it's dangerous. Also explains the basics of braking and different ways braking can affect the trailer and cause it to "Jackknife." Bobtailing is sometimes necessary but a dangerous method of driving a big rig tractor without any trailing component. Once you get past the profile, weight dynamics and engine power of the tractor, now you add the brake system, weather, traffic conditions, driver fatigue and attention to the road.

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