Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections

Pre-Trip Inspection - Large Buses $17.99/view
  Pre-Trip Inspection - Large Buses program will demonstrate a basic pre-trip inspection Vehicle breakdowns are costly, inconvenient, and frustrating for both of you, the vehicle operator and your passengers. As a vehicle operator, you can greatly reduce the chances of a breakdown by conducting a thorough pre-trip inspection before you start your shift. If you can spot a minor problem before it turns into a major crisis that results in a breakdown, you and your passengers will be thankful. While the vehicle shown may not be the same type used at your facility, your trainer will provide instruction on the vehicles you'll be operating.
Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses $17.99/view
  Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses program will show you how to do a pre-trip inspection in a simple, logical order. Mechanical breakdowns are always a frustrating experience‚Ķfrustrating for you and your passengers. By performing a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle before putting it in service, you can often avoid breakdowns due to mechanical failures. Today, we're going to talk about the pre-trip inspection. You'll learn how to do a Pre-trip Inspection in a simple and logical order. But, before we begin, let's look at the importance of a Pre-trip Inspection and why it's necessary. By performing a visual, mechanical pre-trip inspection before leaving the yard, you can greatly reduce the risk of having mechanical breakdowns or accidents while out on the road. State law and company require that you perform a pre-trip inspection and that you complete a Daily Bus Report also referred to as a DBR. This must be done on a daily basis.
Vehicle Inspection - Automobiles and Light Trucks $17.99/view
  Vehicle Inspection - Automobiles and Light Trucks program reviews the various parts of the vehicle that should be inspected. Pre-trip Vehicle Inspections are extremely important, but when was the last time you saw anyone performing a pre-trip vehicle inspection on an automobile or a small pick-up truck? When planning a trip no matter how far it is, it's important to make sure your auto is ready for the road.
Trucking Industry - Vehicle Pre Trip Inspection $17.99/view
  Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection program covers all the areas to be inspected on the vehicle. Obviously, the primary purpose of inspecting a vehicle before you get on the road is to determine if the vehicle has any defects that could be a safety hazard or cause the vehicle to break down. There are Federal and State laws requiring vehicle inspection, but safety is of primary importance and concern. As you approach the vehicle, note the general condition of the vehicle. Look for damage or a vehicle leaning to one side. Look under the vehicle for oil leaks, coolant, grease, or fuel leaks. Check the area around the vehicle for hazards such as people standing or working nearby, other vehicles, objects or low hanging wires or other potential hazards.

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