Truck Driving Rules & Regulations

D.O.T. Out of Service Criteria $17.99/view
  D.O.T. - Out Of Service Criteria - In this video, we want to examine what's known as Motor Vehicle Out of Service Criteria. This criteria is published by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance or CVSA. If any of the conditions described in this program are present on your vehicle, the vehicle may be deemed Out of Service by the Department of Transportation. Topics discussed in this safety video include: brake system, steering gear and linkage, tires, lights and lighting devices, suspension, fuel system, exhaust system, windshields and wipers, emergency equipment, vehicle frame, safe loading, chains, wire rope, fiber rope, synthetic webbing, fittings or attachments, anchor points, coupling systems, van and trailer bodies.
Level One Inspections $17.99/view
  Level 1 Inspections program covers the five individual inspection levels including the vehicle and driver component. The roadside inspection program consists of roadside inspections performed by qualified safety inspectors who follow the North American Standard guidelines, which were developed by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance often called the CVSA, in cooperation with the FMCSA. Most roadside inspections conducted by the states are conducted under the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program, or MCSAP, which is a grant program administered by the FMCSA.

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