Advanced Fire Extinguisher Training (Long Version) $17.99/view
  Advanced Fire Extinguisher Training program covers the types of fire extinguishers, how to use them, and fire prevention. Fire extinguishers and extinguishing materials have been around a long time. You've seen them everywhere; they're very useful and have saved many lives. But not everyone understands them or knows how to use them. If you experience a flammable liquid fire, do you know what type of extinguisher would be necessary to extinguish the fire? Would you use an ABC type extinguisher or an ABCD type extinguisher? The subject of this training program is understanding more about extinguishers and how they work. The objective of the training is to save lives and property, in that order. Always remember that life safety is much more important than property.
HAZWOPER - Donning, Doffing and Decontamination $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER - Donning, Doffing, Decontamination program explains the routine of putting on and removing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and an encapsulated suit. In responding to episodes involving hazardous substances, it may be necessary for response personnel to wear self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), and fully encapsulated suits to protect against toxic environments.
HAZWOPER - Identifying Hazardous Materials $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER - Identifying Hazardous Materials program focuses on the definition of hazardous materials and their affects when you are exposed. Before we can begin to understand the identification of hazardous materials, we first need to look at the toxicology of potentially harmful chemicals and hazardous materials.
HAZWOPER - Obtaining Information in an Emergency $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER - Obtaining Information in an Emergency II program focuses on each of these references and what type of information and assistance they provide. As a first responder at the scene of a hazardous materials incident, you must obtain specific information about any material involved in the incident as soon as possible. Many reference texts and organizations can provide response personnel with technical data and physical assistance regarding both the hazards associated with an incident and methods to deal with these hazards.
HAZWOPER - Orientation $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER - Orientation - Over 70,000 chemicals are used by industries. Some 15,000 chemicals are made in industrial laboratories on a large scale today and between 500 and 1,000 new chemicals are introduced each year. These simple statistics provide the basis for increased awareness, training, and responsibility when working with any type of chemicals. As the environment becomes more fragile and our responsibilities in protecting the environment and people increase, training becomes absolutely critical in meeting these responsibilities.
HAZWOPER - NFPA Hazmat Labeling Information $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER NFPA Hazmat Labeling Information is a method for identifying hazardous material containers. The N.F.P.A. method which is used in addition to the original container label provides quick recognition in an emergency. The National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.) system is used for identifying hazardous material containers. The N.F.P.A. method of labeling is designed to aid firefighters. It allows them to quickly identify hazards.
HAZWOPER - On-Site Safety Considerations $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER - On-Site Safety Considerations program covers safety procedures at hazardous waste sites and confined spaces. We want to review some the key points for continuous site safety. The first key is to use all available engineering controls to eliminate or reduce site accidents. Next, safe work practices must be encouraged and implemented to eliminate or reduce site accidents and the use of personal protective equipment is particularly important when engineering controls and safe work practices are unavailable.
Chemical Protection Clothing $17.99/view
  Chemical Protection Clothing program covers various types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The adverse effects chemical substances may have on the human body necessitate the use of protective clothing. The predominant physical, chemical, or toxic property of the material dictates the type and degree of protection required.
HAZWOPER - Respiratory Protection and Use $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER- Respiratory Protection and Use program is designed to provide information about personal protection under hazardous conditions with an emphasis on safety. Respiratory protection and self-contained breathing apparatus' are used to protect us from harmful gases, fumes, vapors, and chemicals as well as where the air doesn't contain enough oxygen to support life. You need information and training on this type of equipment and the hazards involved before you attempt to use respiratory protection.
HAZWOPER - Site Safety and Health Plan $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER- Site Safety and Health Plan program provides an overview of the contents of a site safety and health plan. The purpose of the site safety plan is to establish requirements for protecting the health and safety of responders during all activities conducted at an incident. It contains safety information, instructions, and procedures. A site safety plan must be prepared and reviewed by qualified personnel for each hazardous substance response.
Hazardous Waste and Chemicals $17.99/view
  Hazardous Waste and Chemicals program is designed to make you more aware of your job responsibilities when working with or using hazardous waste and chemicals. Each year, even in today's state of the art technology and workplace safety environment, over 6,000 persons are killed on the job and about 3.6 million receive disabling injuries in the United States alone.
HAZWOPER - Medical Surveillance $17.99/view
  HAZWOPER - Medical Surveillance discusses guidelines for designing a medical program for personnel working at hazardous waste sites. Workers handling hazardous waste can experience high levels of stress; their daily tasks may expose them to toxic chemicals, safety hazards, biological hazards, and radiation.

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