Child Care Providers

Adult/Child and Infant CPR and AED $17.99/view
  Adult/Child and Infant CPR and AED program focuses on review of adult, child, infant CPR and obstructed airway. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) will be introduced. The program provides information on CPR skills and techniques that may save a life. CPR compressions have changed which may be inaccurate. Based on research and technology, the National Standard recommendation for CPR is to include breaths with compressions. CPR is more effective with chest compressions and breaths.
Attention Deficit Disorder - What Teachers Need To Know $17.99/view
  Attention Deficit Disorder – What Teachers Need to Know program is designed to foster more understanding and useable insight for parents, teachers, administrators and those who may have some form of this grouping of symptoms. This is perhaps one of the best programs relating to ADD/HD, as it was designed by Barbara Berg, M.S., M.C.S.W, who has counseled thousands of youngsters with ADD/HD and had also been diagnosed as ADD/HD herself. She understands the difficulty children and teachers have in their daily routine. Barbara provides insight for teachers to understand the illness and what things teachers can do or not do to improve the education and behavioral environment of those children with ADD/HD.
Autism In The Classroom - What Teachers Need To Know $17.99/view
  Autism in the Classroom – What Teachers Need to Know - program designed by teachers and parents with autistic children and autistic children in their facilities. Features a short interview with Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute, author and noted expert on autism. Dr. Rimland was the technical director for the film “Rainman” featuring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise.
Back Injury Prevention For Childcare Providers $17.99/view
  Back Injury Prevention for Child Care Providers this program is designed to educate child care providers in ways to prevent disabling back injuries. It demonstrates the proper way to safely lift a child or other heavy object that might be encountered in a child care environment.
Bloodborne Pathogens In Childcare $17.99/view
  Bloodborne Pathogens in Childcare provides information will help you to prevent exposure to blood and other body fluids due to your day-to-day contact with children. All teachers and child care providers should be trained in this important topic as exposure to bodily fluids is common place and first aid is a normal function of providers when children get minor scrapes and small injuries. It’s extremely important to understand the basics of bloodborne pathogens for the protection of both providers and children.
Cerebral Palsy - What Teachers Need To Know $17.99/view
  Cerebral Palsy – What Teachers Need to Know program features Susie Rodde, who has Cerebral Palsy and shares her world explaining what teachers can do to assist children with this disability enhancing their learning environment. Children with cerebral palsy have unique and distinct wants and needs in the child care and educational environment. Though Susie has a disability, she also leads a productive life. Susie is a sensitivity trainer, for a large transportation company, specializing in the transportation of children with disabilities.
Child Care Safety Basics - Facility Providers $17.99/view
  Child Care Safety Basics – Facility Providers is an exceptional program for educating providers in safety techniques and safety orientation for those larger facility providers. Topics include: training, child abuse, safe lifting, fire prevention, fire extinguisher training, electrical safety, power appliances, general housekeeping and kitchen safety, feeding tips, emergencies medical assistance, poison control, tornadoes, earthquakes and child proofing the facility.
Crib Safety and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS $17.99/view
  Crib Safety and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) program is designed for all child care providers to help understand crib safety, what makes a crib unsafe to use, potential problems with cribs and the do's and don’ts of crib safety. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is discussed with potential causes, prevention procedures and techniques. The program also provides an interview with a child care provider that went through the painful experience of a child dying of SIDS, while in day care.
Downs Syndrome - What Teachers Need To Know $17.99/view
  Down Syndrome – What Teachers Need to Know program features Dr. Ruth Smith, PHD., university researcher, mental retardation expert, Susan Carter, a special education teacher at Hope University (Anaheim, California) and several Down Syndrome children/adults. Another enlightening program for child care providers and teachers. Most teachers have seen or worked with Down Syndrome children, but this program explains some associated problems with these children and provides tips on how to make their learning experience more productive.
Dyslexia - What Teachers Need To Know $17.99/view
  Dyslexia – What Teachers Need to Know program will provide a greater insight for teachers to learn how best to work with and educate people who have Dyslexia. Many youngsters with Dyslexia don’t know they have Dyslexia or may not have been diagnosed as dyslexic. Gerard Sagmiller is “the” expert on Dyslexia and has been living with dyslexia for most of his life. Mr. Sagmiller is an author and speaks regularly to schools, universities and many other venues on Dyslexia.
Handwashing and Bacteria In Child Care $17.99/view
  Hand Washing and Bacteria in Child Care program is so important, it needed its own video. Yes, everyone knows how to wash their hands, but do they really? In a child care environment, it is critical as young children do not have a fully developed immune system to protect them, so extra care and caution is imperative. What is the best hand drying method: hot air blower or paper towels? The answer may surprise you.
Sensory Motor Development - Learning Through Movement $17.99/view
  This program was developed by an in-home provider who has achieved great acclaim for her teaching methods. This program explains what sensory motor development is and how small children can learn proper coordination with simple “games” and teaching moments.

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