Trenching Shoring

Competent Person - Trenching and Shoring $17.99/view
  Competent Person - Trenching and Shoring program focuses on the safety training of the competent person. It occurs year after year, workers needlessly dying in trench cave-ins. The tragedy lies with the fact that these workers should have never have been in a situation in which their lives were on the line. Based on National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health statistics, an average of 60 workers die in cave-ins annually. According to NIOSH, these deaths are entirely preventable.
The Competent Person and Soil Classification $17.99/view
  The Competent Person and Soil Classification program focuses on competent person and soil testing. If you have been around construction or public works for any length of time, you know that working around trenches can be dangerous. A person buried under only a couple of feet of soil can experience enough pressure to the chest to prevent the lungs from expanding causing suffocation. Heavier soil and boulders can crush us in an instant. Of course we must remember that the average cave-in can drop five yards or soil or more. That's 13,500 pounds of dirt! How quickly can your co-workers dig through five or more yards of dirt to find you? Survival is unlikely.
Trenching & Shoring Safety Basics For Field Personnel $17.99/view
  This training program has been developed specifically for those persons actually working in or around trenches, excavations. An excellent refresher course for anyone in this category. Basic information stresses trenching safety, equipment, different types of soils, The competent person job responsibilities. Discusses pre-planning, how heavy soil is, cave-ins and other day to day risks and hazards.

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