Fall Prevention

How to Prevent Slips and Falls (General Safety) $17.99/view
  How to Prevent Slips and Falls program focuses on how you can prevent these hazards. First of all, it's important to understand that the vast majority of slips and falls occur because the person is not paying attention to where they are walking or what they're doing and they either trip on something or the floor surface is slippery. We can describe slips and falls as a dual cause accident. We say dual because there may be two causes.
Walkways, Ladders, and Elevations – Don’t Slip and Fall $17.99/view
  Walkways, Ladders, and Elevations - Don't Slip and Fall - Slips and falls were the major causes of injuries in the early days of safety. This video will review some of the ways people trip and fall, basic prevention techniques, and attempt to encourage you to get on the safety bandwagon for preventing slips, trips, and falls.
Fall Protection $17.99/view
  Fall Protection - Basically, fall protection is something that keeps you from falling from a certain height. Whenever you're working 6 or more feet high, OSHA requires fall protection. Understanding the basics of a proper rescue and rescue equipment can reduce injuries. It's an important part of safety.
A Primer On Fall Protection $17.99/view
  This is an extremely important program for anyone required to use fall protection. Program discusses the different types of equipment, accessories and requirements. Program identifies Hazard Identification, Written Program, Competent Person, Training, Product Selection and Equipment Basics. Extremely important topics include General Considerations, Inspecting Fall Protection Components, Storage and Maintenance, Webbing, Hardware, Ropes, Retrieval Systems, When to Replace Parts, Buddy System, Personal Fall Protection and much more. Excellent training program to ensure you meet the OSHA requirments, but more importantly, save lives.

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