Forklift / Powered Industrial Trucks

Forklift Operator Training $17.99/view
  Forklift Operator Training - As you can see, forklifts are not toys. When used safely, they save you time and make your job much easier. This program is simply a review of safe operating rules.
Forklift Instructor Training $17.99/view
  Forklift Instructor Training program focuses on basic principles which are necessary part of forklift training operations. - Perhaps one of the most important, yet misunderstood part of any forklift training program is the engineering principles. Unless you have this knowledge, it's difficult to understand some of the safety rules relating to forklift operations and certainly detracts from your ability to make good judgments when lifting odd sized and difficult loads.
Forklifts and Pedestrian Safety $17.99/view
  Forklifts And Pedestrian Safety - More injuries are experienced by pedestrians or persons not operating equipment than actual forklift operators. Let’s quickly review some safety tips you can use to help prevent forklift injuries. The first tip is the most important, forklift operators are prohibited from carrying passengers on the forklift. Absolutely, no riders! It’s okay to lift people on forklifts if you follow the rules: The platform must have guardrails and a 7-foot high guard protecting the rider from the lifting mast, chains, and mechanisms The platform must be secured to the vehicle to prevent it from falling off An operator must remain at the controls while a person is being lifted When traveling, the forks must be kept low about 4" to 6" off the floor Topics included in this safety video are: safety hazards and driver maintenance.
Forklift “The New Rules” $17.99/view
  Forklift "The New Rules" program includes topics such as rules and certification, certification, general types of equipment, engineering principles, automobiles and forklifts, fulcrum principle, forklift data plate, attachments, load centers, centers of gravity, technical terminology, operator responsibility, basic forklift operating rules, speeding, riders, seat belts and turnovers, raised loads, steering, operating surfaces, docks and ramps, braking and parking, pedestrians, and forklift maintenance. Along with the growth of material handling equipment, there has been a wide range of equipment such as battery-operated equipment to diesels, gasoline or propane-powered in capacities of less than 2,500 pounds to over 100,000 pounds. The more technology progresses, the more important it is for professional operation of the equipment. In this program we will discuss the government rules on mandatory training specific to the equipment being operated.
Battery Charging Safety $17.99/view
  Battery Charging Safety information in this program has been taken from a variety of sources, a variety of manufacturers, and information used by many companies with excellent maintenance practices. Regardless of the type of electric material handling equipment you use such as forklifts, pallet jacks, rider pallet jacks, Walkie-stackers, personnel carts, or others, one thing is assured and that's charging the batteries. In this program we want to emphasize that each equipment and battery manufacturer has its own specific maintenance and operating procedures and these should be followed at all times. Your company has specific rules and procedures and these should be followed. It's a review of the basics of charging batteries, regardless of the type equipment used; however, it's up to each individual to follow your company's rules and procedures when charging batteries.
Forking Around $17.99/view
  Forking Around program highlights some of the do’s and don’ts when operating a forklift. Viewers will be asked to define unsafe acts. Driving a forklift is a big responsibility; however, most forklift operators do not take their jobs as seriously as they should. Be aware of safety hazards and take steps necessary to reduce risks. Causing an accident can be a reason for termination. Not only are you responsible for safely transporting your company's materials, but you are also responsible for the safety of those working around you.
Forklift Attachments $17.99/view
  Forklift Attachments program topics include sling and chains, traveling with a load, and unloading. Forklift attachments are an extremely important safety consideration. Yet they are quite often misunderstood and misused in many operations. In this training program, we want to take a look at a unique operation and learn how they use attachments to improve productivity and safety.
Forklift Operations - High Impact-Gory Story $17.99/view
  Forklift Operations - High Impact-Gory Story program reviews case files from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). We all know that forklift operators work and act safely on a daily basis. We are thankful for that because forklift accidents can be extremely gruesome, but first, let's review some of the forklift operator safety rules. These are case files from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH.
Forklift Safety - Site Specific Training Modules $17.99/view
  Forklift Safety – Site Specific Training Modules program covers the topics of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Electric Pallet Jack, People and Equipment, Battery Charging Safety, Propane Safety, Basic Operating Procedures, Engineering Principle and Centers of Gravity. The new OSHA rules require that forklift operators be trained in the "site specific" hazards to which they may be exposed. This program as been developed to help meet the requirements with complete video programs on these topics: carbon monoxide poisoning, electric pallet jacks, battery charging, propane safety, pedestrians and forklifts and walkie stackers.
Forklift Update For Experienced Operators $17.99/view
  Forklift Update for Experienced Operators program reviews all of the important topics related to forklift operations. Anyone required to operate forklifts must be trained in a wide variety of topics including engineering principles, forklift operating rules, equipment characteristics, environmental hazards, operator maintenance, hazardous locations, surface operating conditions, site-specific operations, potential hazards, and other information.
People and Equipment $17.99/view
  People and Equipment program discusses some basic rules that apply to both equipment operators and warehouse personnel. Basically, forklift operator rules generally call for pedestrians to have the right-of-way but forklift operators don't always see pedestrians until it's too late. Stay alert and pay attention to the sounds around you.
OSHA Regulations For Forklifts $17.99/view
  OSHA Regulations for Forklifts program concentrates on OSHA Rule 1910.178 which applies to all forklifts. There are many training programs related to forklifts, but this particular program explains the current regulations that pertain to forklift operations.

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