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HIPAA + Bloodborne Pathogens $32.00/view
  This module covers both courses: HIPPA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Bloodborne Pathogens. A great two-course pack with a 10% savings in cost!
Accident Causes and Prevention - Healthcare $17.99/view
  Accident Causes and Prevention – Safety Behavior has been analyzed by the insurance industry, Governmental agencies, and the National Safety Council. Over the years it has been determined that the overwhelming cause of most industrial accidents and injuries can be attributed to the unsafe acts of employees. This is a bold statement since accident causes could also be from broken machinery and unsafe working conditions.
Back Safety for Health Care Providers $17.99/view
  Back Safety For Health Care Providers - We want to explain how the back works so you'll have enough information to make the right choices on how to lift anything safely. We'll also discuss how strains and muscles work so you can prevent these types of back injuries also.
Combative Patients Training $17.99/view
  A unique risk to healthcare providers is the combative patient or resident. Combative behavior is any physically aggressive act that causes or intends to cause harm to a person or object. Recognizing, understanding and preparing for combative behavior will keep caregivers safe and sustain the quality of your care.
Emergency First Aid $17.99/view
  Emergency First Aid - First Aid is the immediate care given to the injured or suddenly ill person. It is temporary assistance that is rendered until competent medical care, if required, arrives and takes over. Emergency First Aid means dealing with urgent conditions. This program has been designed to help provide basic information that will help you properly apply first aid that can save lives, reduce recovery time and can possibly be the difference between temporary disability or lifelong disability for the victim. This training program is designed to provide information you can use to help victims, if you are the only person at the scene of an accident, or you are required to assist others.
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act $17.99/view
  (HIPAA) Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act- The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA forbids sharing, transmitting, or divulging of information designated as Protected Health Information or PHI of individuals. It's designed to offer workers specific protections. HIPAA lowers the chance of losing existing coverage, makes it easier to switch health plans, and helps individuals buy their own coverage if they lose the coverage offered by a present or former employer.
How To Prevent Slips and Falls $17.99/view
  How To Prevent Slips And Falls - Let's review some of the things you can do to help prevent slip and fall accidents.
Lifting Patients From Chairs $17.99/view
  Lifting Patients From Chairs - There's no easy, generic way to describe how to safely lift or move a patient. Each patient and each situation is unique. For example, during your busy day, you may have to move a patient from a bed to a wheelchair or from a wheelchair to a bathtub.
Lifting Patients From Beds $17.99/view
  Lifting Patients From Beds - As a healthcare worker, you spend a good portion of your busy day moving and lifting patients. Not only do you risk hurting yourself in the process, but you may risk the safety of the patient as well. There are very simple techniques to make sure that both of you complete the move safely. By properly using these safe lifting and moving techniques, you can protect your back through the entire day.
Needlestick Injury Prevention $17.99/view
  Needlestick Injury Prevention - This short training program is designed to heighten awareness relating to needlestick injuries and to provide measures you can use to reduce these potentially serious injuries. First, we'll look at some basic statistics and then we'll review important safety rules, reporting injuries, and information relating to the prevention of needlestick injuries.
Safety Orientation - Nursing $17.99/view
  Safety Orientation - Nursing - Regardless of your job, safety is an integral part of your responsibility, which means no matter the task you perform, safety must be of vital concern. Let's begin with some basics. The healthcare environment can be hazardous to your health if you neglect safety rules, policies, and procedures. The first step is to learn these policies and procedures, then apply them on a daily basis for each assigned task. We understand that your work is fast paced, you're busy, there are many things to do, but if you maintain a safety attitude, you'll make the right decision when the time comes to perform all your jobs safely. Certainly, this program cannot cover all possible potential hazards or safety rules, but let's take a few minutes to discuss some of the more important safety tips that can help you prevent accidents.
Universal Precautions – Infection Control Procedures $17.99/view
  Universal Precautions - Infection Control Procedures - Infections can be deadly they can destroy your health and certainly are hazards to avoid. With the proper precautions and information, you can reduce your chances of contracting and spreading infections. Certainly, the most deadly forms or infections are Hepatitis B and the AIDS viruses. Universal precautions to reduce infections is a well established program and there are other isolation precautions as identified in the Centers of Disease Control Guidelines for isolation precautions, but this program addresses the generally accepted practices related to all types of infections. Your responsibility is to know and understand your healthcare institution's policies and procedures and follow these rules according to these guidelines.
Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick For Healthcare Workers $17.99/view
  OSHA estimates that 5.6 million workers in the healthcare and related fields are at risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens. Since the threat of being infected by HIV and hepatitis C are very real and present dangers, you must give serious thought to controlling your exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Topics included in the safety video are: risks in the workplace, exposure, who is at risk, apprising the risks, personal protection, personal protection, new technologies, new legislation, required information and training, and 14 required elements. Runtime: 22 Min.
Sanitation and Disinfection in Health Care Environments $17.99/view
  Sanitation And Disinfection In Health Care Environments - Sanitation and good housekeeping can both be defined as the practice of rendering the hospital free from agents injurious to health. Microbiology, the study of microscopic living, plantlike organisms, including bacterial, viruses, yeasts and molds is the biological science on which sanitation is based. There are more than 10 communicable diseases known to man. Each one of these diseases or infections is caused by a specific organism. Organisms enter the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract or through breaks in the skin and multiply, causing tissue injury and body reaction. As the organisms multiply many are shed by the infected person and may be spread to others, thus beginning the cycle again.
Sanitation in Health Care Cafeterias $17.99/view
  Sanitation In Health Care Cafeterias - It's happened to us all at one time or another; an upset stomach after eating. You might not even know what caused the problem. Well, it may have been eating contaminated food. Foodborne illness is quite prevalent in the home, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments and yes, even in healthcare cafeterias. Through someone's carelessness, micro organisms were allowed to get on the food, which can occur with chicken, beef, pork, and a variety of other foods.
Bloodborne Pathogens $17.99/view
  (BBP)Bloodborne Pathogens program’s focus on being aware of exposure. Accidents can happen anywhere. We should be prepared to assist in an emergency but take precautions to protect ourselves from potential hazards such as bloodborne pathogens. Persons working in the healthcare field and rescue operations are at risk for being exposed to these hazards. Wearing personal protective equipment will reduce these hazards.
  Bacteria and Disease Control program covers how bacterium affects the janitorial and custodial professions and how it applies to cleaning. What is bacteria and how does it affect the janitorial and custodial professions? We're not going to get technical, but it is important to understand some basics about bacteria and disease control, particularly as it applies to cleaning.
Adult/Child and Infant CPR and AED $17.99/view
  Adult/Child and Infant CPR and AED program focuses on review of adult, child, infant CPR and obstructed airway. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) will be introduced. The program provides information on CPR skills and techniques that may save a life. CPR compressions have changed which may be inaccurate. Based on research and technology, the National Standard recommendation for CPR is to include breaths with compressions. CPR is more effective with chest compressions and breaths.
Floor Cleaning Tips $17.99/view
  Floor Cleaning Tips program provides tips on how to clean floors and leaving them with a safe surface. - One of the most difficult parts of this job is to balance a shined floor with a non-slip surface. Some wax and cleaning material create a great looking floor, but at the same time, they become slippery surfaces. That's what this program is all about, tips on how to clean floors, yet leave them in a safe condition.

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