Humorous Training Videos

What’s Wrong With This Picture? $17.99/view
  What's Wrong With This Picture? (I) - After all the safety training you have been subjected to, you ought to know quite a bit about safety.
The Dark Ages of Safety $17.99/view
  Machine Guarding and Conveyors program provides basic safety information vital to the safe job performance. Machine guarding is defined as any means of effectively preventing personnel from coming in contact with moving parts of machinery or equipment, which could cause physical harm to personnel. To put it more simply, machine guarding is placed around the moving parts of machinery in your facility in order to save your fingers, hands, and maybe even your life. There are regulations and standards requiring machines to be guarded. If guards are missing, broken or removed on a machine, this could be a serious danger to workers.
  Driving in the cities and suburbs can present many increased risks for you as a driver. Streets may be narrow, traffic congested, and more starts/stops involved. It’s important that you stay alert, slow down, and drive defensively. This program focuses on residential pick up of solid waste, the hazards you can expect to encounter, and best practices to avoid and prevent accidents while on the job. Topics Included in this safety video are: responsibilities (driver and helper), residential pick-up, manual pick-up, safe manual lifting, automated pick-up, backing, truck fires, and landfill.
Forking Around $17.99/view
  Forking Around program highlights some of the do’s and don’ts when operating a forklift. Viewers will be asked to define unsafe acts. Driving a forklift is a big responsibility; however, most forklift operators do not take their jobs as seriously as they should. Be aware of safety hazards and take steps necessary to reduce risks. Causing an accident can be a reason for termination. Not only are you responsible for safely transporting your company's materials, but you are also responsible for the safety of those working around you.
Heat Stress (Humorous) $17.99/view
  Heat Stress (Humorous) program is about protecting yourself when working in a hot environment. C. Harley Fairwench is on-camera puts a little humor on this subject. Humorous insight into heat stress. The human body's like a furnace that burns, fuels, and manufactures heat to keep the internal temperature within safe limits. But the body must also get rid of its excess heat into the environment! This is accomplished through the varying rate and depth of blood circulation and the release of the fluid through the skin and the sweat glands. Being uncomfortable is not the only problem when working in high temperatures and high humidity. Human beings are warm blooded meaning regardless of external conditions; our body maintains a fairly constant temperature.

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