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Employee Training Responsibilities $17.99/view
  Employee Training Responsibilities - Training and development are areas of great concern to the supervisor and to the company. The efficiency, safety, and even the morale of the employee depends upon how well the supervisor trains his or her employees. Make no mistake; training is the supervisor's responsibility. In some companies, professional trainers provide basic and specialty training, but it's the supervisor's responsibility to ensure all employees receive the proper training when these training sessions are provided.
Subcontractor Safety Orientation $17.99/view
  Subcontractor Safety Orientation - Each company or contractor has the responsibility to make sure all employees follow safety and health rules and any specific or special rules of the job site.
General Safe Work Practices $17.99/view
  General Safe Work Practices program tells us how to prevent injuries and to allow you to do your job efficiently and safely. There are some basic safe work practices that must be observed by everyone working on the job site. All persons must follow these safe practices and render every possible aid to safe operations and be a part of the program by reporting all unsafe conditions or practices to your supervisor or superintendent. The vast majority of work-related injuries are the result of unsafe acts of workers.
Maintenance Person Safety (Machinery) $17.99/view
  Maintenance Person Safety program covers Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), machine guarding, protective equipment, lockout/tagout, and working safely in this environment. Safety is a decision to make a conscientious effort to work and act safely on every job. Maintenance persons are expected to do the impossible in the shortest time and at least expense. They are an extremely important part of any organization.
Personal Liability In The Workplace Pranks And Harassment $17.99/view
  Personal Liability in the Workplace-Pranks & Harassment program was developed from the high demand for this training. Liability for pranks and harassment in the workplace is extremely high, with record lawsuits stemming from not only the practice of such actions, but from companies ignoring the problem and not taking action to prevent it. This training demonstrates to all employees that there could be personal liability for such action, as well as company liability. Program explains the problem and provides the steps to take to prevent such actions in the workplace. The training includes phone calls, broadcasting derogatory jokes, calls, postings on the Internet and social media outlets. This program should be viewed by all employees, supervisors and management, to reduce individual and company liability.
Preventing And Responding To Workplace Violence $17.99/view
  Preventing and Responding to Workplace Violence program discusses the causes of workplace violence and prevention strategies. Workplace safety has become a major concern to managers and employees alike. With incidents like what happened at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, educational institutions are not immune to these types of incidents. Media attention has resulted in fear and apprehension, yet these less common than is popularly believed.
Reporting For Work - Your Safety Responsibilities $17.99/view
  Reporting for Work-Your Safety Responsibilities is a reminder about basic safety information. The program provides some safety tips and documentation on training and safety information. You are in control of safety at work and home. This program is about basic safety information and a better understanding of safety.
Safety Is Your Responsibility $17.99/view
  Safety is your Responsibility program which is designed to make you more aware of the safety and health exposures and what your responsibilities are in your company's safety and health efforts. Throughout the world today, safety is becoming more and more important. Important because technology is advancing and becoming more complicated and it makes sense to maintain a safe and healthful place to work. Whether you're new on the job or you're an experienced person, safety awareness is of vital concern, because the more you know and think about safety, the safer and healthier you'll perform your job. Safety and health are two primary issues facing today's workers. Safety in the sense of physical hazards that could harm you such as broken bones, crushed fingers, slips and falls, and so on. Health hazards are those hazards that could affect your health such as chemical exposures, radiation, gases, vapors, fumes, and mists. We'll only touch the surface and list only some of the basics, but it's really up to you to know the safety and health rules for your job and to put those rules into action on every job, everyday.

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