Arc Welding Safety (Construction) $17.99/view
  Arc Welding Safety program is simply a guideline of basic safety measures, designed as safety awareness. When you're working with Arc Welding operations, there are a number of safety procedures to follow. Each company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies, and procedures, as a short video training program cannot list all the potential hazards or safety elements. It’s not a complete or comprehensive program.
Health and Safety Factors In Welding Operations (Construction) $17.99/view
  Health and Safety Factors in Welding Operations program talks about the general safety and health hazard associated with welding and cutting and examine hazards and controls specific to toxic fuel gas welding, cutting, and arc welding. Whenever possible, the focus will be on relevant standards. The hazards associated with welding and cutting arise from toxic gases and fumes, radiation, electrical circuits, and flammable and combustible materials.
Oxygen Acetylene Welding And Cutting Safety $17.99/view
  Oxygen-Acetylene Welding Safety training video program is designed to review basic safety procedures for those experienced oxygen/acetylene welders, who already know how to operate the equipment. A refresher course is a great idea to reinforce safety procedures.

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