Frequently Asked Questions

Just browse our catalog from the "COURSES" tab in the menu, select the courses you want and the number of views, checkout and immediately begin training!
We have three ways we offer our library, immediately online through online training or video streaming, or downloadable SCORM courses to integrate with your system.  Review the Ways to Train page or Send us an inquiry for more information!
One of the main benefits of Learn Safety Online is the flexibility we have for providing online training through several methods.  Please visit our Ways to Train page to understand more or review our Step by Step guide to see how you can immediately train yourself, and your employees!
No!  Unlike our competitors, we only charge a per view cost.  There are not any user fees, bandwidth or storage costs!  Plus, with discounts beginning at only five views, there are plenty of savings!
We store your training records with your user account, as long as you keep an account active.  You can login and view all of your records, print a certificate or run a report.  If you have several employees, you can view and sort all your employee's records.
Yes!  We keep our entire catalog up-to-date, whenever a new requirement or regulation comes out, we immediately modify our courses to stay compliant.  We continuously expand our catalog as well!
Yes we do, feel free to send an inquiry for us to setup your account with spanish courses.  We have an option for the entire LMS and online training to be in spanish, insuring a higher quality experience for you and your employees!
Yes!  We have several solutions available to provide online training to your clients through our branded portals.  Please visit our Resellers page to learn more or send us an inquiry!
Yes, we will happily customize a course for you, by either shooting more video from your location, including your company's information or adding other related materials.  Send us an inquiry to learn more!


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Discover Our Flexibility

Learn Safety Online understands the ever changing landscape of technology and training. We also know each and every client is different in how they need to approach their training, whether it be online, in the classroom or if they have unique circumstances. Our goal is cater our learning management system and services to meet your exact needs, exemplifying quality support and producing training to you and your employees which is custom catered. All of our training solutions can be modified and built to meet your qualifications.

Please contact us to learn of all of the options available and we would love to listen to what you need to accomplish your training.