Overview of Features:

This is the detailed feature list of our online training portal, called InstructLMS. It offers an extensive breakdown of the functionality available. If you have questions or would prefer a demo so we may demonstrate the power, yet simplicity of our online training, please contact us.


  • Subscription Based Access - You set the amount of days that the course can be accessed after payment is confirmed.

  • Prerequisite Courses - Now you can have a course with multiple tests and content within a series. For instance course "B" cannot be accessed until course "A" has been passed or completed by the student. And course "C" cannot be accessed until courses "A" & "B" have been completed, and so on. This allows for Certifications and Diploma's based on the type of tiered options you require.

  • Course Category Lists - Descriptions of the course categories can be added as well.

  • Front end administration - allows your managers to add or block user access from the entire system. User registration, block access, assign reporting groups, and more based on manager or HR manager access.

  • Add/edit/delete registration fields and have full user control for instantly creating and assigning users

  • Ability to modify and import thousands of users for larger companies (custom case basis)

  • Use training only, test only, or both - Add training content or just deliver Test.

  • Upload and deploy Flash, Power Point, AVI, MPEG Movies, Word documents, PDF, and HTML files as your training content. You can incorporate multiple training tools per test as well (Movie supplemented with a downloadable PDF for example)

  • Question options:

    • Up to 6 way multiple choice and true and false quiz formating.

    • Photo questions

    • Photo answers

    • Random question pool (each time the test is taken its different)

    • Mandatory questions on quiz

    • True/False - Yes/No questions

    • Short answer questions

    • List questions one per page or all at once

    • Limit tests to a certain number of questions but have a larger pool (test has 5 questions but 10 questions assigned, 5 questions would be randomly pulled).

  • Certificates of Completion - Printable certificates that display the users name and date course completion.

  • Lockouts - Limited attempts to pass a quiz-set limits on how many days a user has to wait to retake a quiz.

  • Category filters - Course category filtering feature.

  • Pass/Fail Notifiers- Email notification to Group Managers, HR departments and managers when a user passes or fails test.

    • Courses can be based on a percentage passing mark per course

    • Ability to display answers on test results page

  • Manager Groups - Set up company managers so they will have the ability to register their own employees to the system. Ability to add employees to your "management group"

  • See Missed Questions - Reports missed questions at the end of test Reporting tools to see the results of students/employees (OPTIONAL)

  • Certificate Templates – Customized templates per test, company or client are easily available.

  • Automatically track and limit all views per video, test, user or group

  • Create groups to assign users, track views and sort users efficiently

  • Force user to watch the video (no fast forwarding or rewinding) and automatically send them to the test upon completion. Test cannot be accessed without watching the training material first

  • Assign videos and courses to specific groups (so users only see the courses available to them and no others)

  • Full cross-browser compatibility on all platforms, PCs and MACs that have flash support and cookies enabled

  • Easily be able to transfer entire database and website to brand for larger clients (their logo, color scheme and “feel”)

  • Increase security to SSL encryption for user database if required

  • Export ability of test and user results (either sitewide or group-specific), this can include custom fields based on registration (such as Member Numbers or Company Name)

  • Ability to auto-assign a user into a group based on a matching Group Name or ID

  • Statistics include name, email, group, manager assigned, test taken, pass/fail, date of taken test, views and test attempts.



Administrative Features

  • Full control of adding, editing and managing tests, content and data.

  • Full control of adding, editing and managing all user levels (Group, HR, manager and user)

  • Manage ecommerce ordering via several shopping cart solutions

  • Manage training content, test taking controls, uploading videos and assigning certificates

  • Easily create groups

    • Assign overall views per group

    • Assign videos/tests allowed per group

    • Assign specific views (limits) per video

    • Assign users to groups

    • Assign users to HR

    • Assign group manager

  • Ability to mail all members

  • View all statistical data per group

  • Check verified payment orders (if ecommerce is enabled)

  • Full encryption of user data

  • Ability to upgrade user's profiles for additional fields (such as custom fields)


Group Manager

  • Ability to create/assign users to manager or HR manager

  • Easily see all statistical data for all users in the system (P/F, attempts, etc)


HR Manager

  • Ability to create/assign users to manager or HR manager

  • Easily see all statistical data for all users assigned to managers beneath them or users

  • Can take tests/videos themselves (be a “usable” user)



  • Ability to create/assign users to manager

  • Easily see all statistical data for all users assigned to them (P/F, attempts, etc)

  • Can take tests/videos themselves (be a “usable” user)



  • Can take tests/videos themselves (be a “usable” user)




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Learn Safety Online understands the ever changing landscape of technology and training. We also know each and every client is different in how they need to approach their training, whether it be online, in the classroom or if they have unique circumstances. Our goal is cater our learning management system and services to meet your exact needs, exemplifying quality support and producing training to you and your employees which is custom catered. All of our training solutions can be modified and built to meet your qualifications.

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